Help us build the Macmillan Cancer Centre

There are currently 2 million people living with cancer in the UK. This number is expected to double to four million by 2030 as our population ages and treatments improve.

Every year more than 1500 people in North East Derbyshire are told they have cancer. Many will need ongoing treatment. As many as 9000 people receive cancer care in North and North East Derbyshire at any one time.

The oversubscribed facilities at Chesterfield Royal Hospital mean that the outstanding staff cannot always treat everyone. Patients may need to travel further afield for treatment or be admitted to hospital overnight. With the lack of space, patients may experience cramped conditions and it's not always possible for everyone with cancer to have their friends or family with them during their chemotherapy treatment, or to receive treatment or information about their diagnosis in private.

It's just not right

Cancer patients are living longer than they did 30 years ago and, increasingly, their cancer journey is about living with and beyond cancer. Many people need complex treatment or experience issues which require support years after initial diagnosis. We need to recognise the long term impact of cancer on people's lives and develop better services and more personalised care. So we are working with Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to improve the lives of people affected by cancer in the region in order to address the challenges faced by a hospital with a reputation for excellent patient care, dedicated staff and volunteers. Together we want to build the Chesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre.

But we can't do it without you

We want to build a purpose built facility that provides a single point of access to all appropriate assessment, treatment and support services. The new centre will provide all out-patient chemotherapy and clinical services on one place.

This will be a new building based at Chesterfield Royal Hospital scheduled to open in the Autumn of 2016. The total cost of this vision will be £8.9 million. The Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has committed £6.4 million. We want to help make it a reality so Macmillan has launched a fundraising appeal for the remaining £2.5 million.

We now know that one in tow of us will get cancer. No one in North and North East Derbyshire should have to face it alone. With your support, no one will.

Fay Scullion
General Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support, East Midlands and Northern England.

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